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No one wants to deal with rodents in their home. In addition to being messy and a nuisance, rodents are also known to carry diseases and contaminate your home. If you see a mouse in your home, or if you hear scurrying behind your walls at night, call our Las Vegas rodent control experts. At Crispy Critters Pest Control, we take the health and safety of your family seriously. We will inspect your property, identify how rodents are getting in, and help you keep them from coming back.

Since 1999, Crispy Critters Pest Control has been a local, family-owned and operated pest control company in Las Vegas. We are reliable and trustworthy, and all of our technicians are fully licensed and trained. With over two decades of experience, we can help you eradicate your rodent problem for good.

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What Are the Signs of Rodent Infestation?

Often homeowners notice the signs and symptoms of a rodent problem without realizing that's what is going on. Because most rodents are nocturnal, Rodent Infestation Las Vegas NV we rarely see them. This means that they can go unchecked for quite a while. Unaddressed rodent infestations are a problem because rodents breed quickly, and if they are nesting in your home, they can bring in serious health hazards like bacteria, viruses, and more. They also do considerable property damage when building their nests.

If you notice any of the following signs, you may have a rodent problem:

  • Scurrying sounds behind your walls, especially at night
  • Grease marks or tracks running along your walls or baseboards
  • Rodent droppings
  • Gnaw marks on food containers
  • Gnaw marks and holes on baseboards, walls, or furniture
  • Finding evidence of a nest

If you have pets, they can also alert you to a rodent problem. Often cats and dogs will become interested in a specific corner or area of the home, seemingly for no reason. Additionally, if they are jumpy or nervous, this might signal that rodents are hiding somewhere in your home.

To learn more about rodents and how to safely keep your home free of them, contact Crispy Critters Pest Control at (702) 605-6349 today to schedule an appointment.

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Don’t Let Rodents Damage Your Home

In addition to health concerns, rodents can also do significant damage to your property. This damage can be expensive to repair. Many homeowners are surprised by the number of repairs required after a rodent infestation. This is why it is important to call our Las Vegas rodent extermination experts as soon as you see signs of trouble.

Rodents can do extensive damage, including:

  • Damage to electrical wiring and electrical systems when they gnaw through wires and make nests in electrical boxes
  • Start electrical fires
  • Damage wooden structures and features when gnawing through to create running tracks and nests
  • Wood damage and insulation contamination from rodent urine and droppings
  • Destroying personal items, upholstery, and items stored in closets, basements, and attics.

Another problem with mice and rats is that they draw other pests to your home, who will do further damage. Because they gnaw everything and anything, they create entrances into your home. Additionally, rats and mice may literally carry other pests, like fleas, into your home.

We Are Professional & Safe

At Crispy Critters Pest Control, we care about the health and safety of your family. We only utilize the best, safest pest control chemicals on the market, and we ensure that your home, family, and pets are protected. Before beginning work, our Las Vegas rodent control specialists will go over all of your options and identify the right services for you. When you hire us, we treat you how we want to be treated: like family.

Did you see a mouse? Get help eradicating rodents from your Las Vegas home today. Contact Crispy Critters Pest Control at (702) 605-6349 for a free quote on rodent control services.

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