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If you own or manage a business or commercial property, you want to be sure it is pest-free. In addition to damaging your products, pests can also harm your employees' and customers' health, not to mention your reputation. If you are dealing with a pest problem, Crispy Critters Pest Control can help. Our Las Vegas commercial pest control team is fully licensed, trained, and has extensive field experience handling all types of pest problems. From cockroaches to rodents, we can help you get your business back up and running.

Our Commercial Pest Control Services

Living in the desert means we deal with our fair share of pests. You want to avoid having to shut down your business or interrupt your operations with repeated pest control issues. You want to work with a commercial pest control team, like ours, in Las Vegas, that will get the job done right the first time and work around your schedule.

Why Choose Us?

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

    If our customers aren't happy, we're not happy! We stand behind our work and we'll follow-through with results.

  • Family Owned & Operated

    For over 25 years our family has serviced the Las Vegas and surrounding areas with quality pest control services.

  • Affordable Prices

    We offer upfront prices that can't be beaten! We never have hidden fees providing peace of mind.

  • Fast & Reliable

    We offer fast pest control services that are effective and rid your space from unwanted critters.

Our commitment to Las Vegas

Crispy Critters Pest Control has been a local, family-owned pest control provider in Las Vegas since 1999. We live and work in the area, and we know exactly what you're up against when it comes to pests. As a company, we only hire the best commercial pest control technicians, and we only work with the safest pest control chemicals and treatments. We work hard to stay up to date with the latest in pest control methods so that we can pass them on to you.

Performing Industry-leading Termite inspections

Pests are one of the leading causes of property damage in Las Vegas. This is especially true when dealing with termites and other wood-destroying insects. That is why we offer a thorough visual inspection to identify if these property destroyers are present.

To learn more about our commercial pest control services, call our office in Las Vegas at (702) 605-6349.

Signs You Have a Pest Infestation

Being vigilant and knowing the signs of a pest infestation can save you time and money. However, there are more subtle signs that you can watch out for.

Warning signs of a pest problem include:

  • Finding rodent or insect droppings
  • Seeing discarded insect wings or exoskeletons
  • Noticing small piles of dust, also called frass
  • Boreholes and gnaw marks on wood finishes, flooring, baseboards, and door frames
  • Hollow-sounding wood finishes and floorboards
  • Gnaw marks on food packaging and baseboards
  • Grease marks along walls and baseboards
  • Unexplained musty or oily smells

Many pests are nocturnal, and so you won’t see them until they have become fully established on your property. For example, cockroaches usually aren’t seen until their colony has outgrown its current home and they are looking to expand. If you notice any of the above signs, you should call us right away.

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